Payment, Shipping and Delivery Period




You can pay comfortably, by  Credit Card or PayPal. Credit Card payment may be chosen without prior registration with a billing system.

You benefit from a simple and secure payment method. Once you have placed and paid for your order, your shipment is processed immediately.


Shipping charge US

Delivery Period US

Normal delivery is four to seven working days after payment is received. As storing live goods is only possible for a short time, delivery of certain (mainly rare) plants may take longer than expected. You can see this in each product's description page. 

This is how we ship during the summer months:

All plants are wrapped into bags and put into a large bag of bubble-wrap. Everything is put into a cardboard box, is sealed immediately and dispatched.

This is how we ship during the winter months:

Instead of a cardboard box, we use polystyren containers. First, we place a heat pack in the box to avoid frost damage during transport. The plants are wrapped up in the usual way.

Pesticide Policy

While we try to minimize the use of pesticides on our plants we cannot always completely avoid it. Invertebrates, in particular shrimp, are susceptible to being harmed or even die in the presence of these chemicals so we advise that you water your plants prior to planting in plenty of water for about three days with regular water changes. This precaution is not necessary with fish but may be advisable should you want to be 100% on the safe side. Thank you!