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Aquarium Plant Mailorder

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Direct nursery mailorder:
We deliver aquarium plants to your doorstep

We ship directly from the Florida-based nursery.

It is our endeavour to supply the best quality aquarium plants you will find anywhere.  Our plants are sent from the nursery directly to your home or office.

Here's the difference: There are no stopovers for your plants. This ensures we only ship premium quality aquarium plants to our customers throughout the USA.

You can pay for your order using the major billing systems such as Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. Learn more about our delivery and payment options on our Payment/Shipping page.


invitro-aquarium plants

NEW: Tissue Culture Aquariumplants

Tissue culture aquarium plants are shipped inside their sealed lab containers. They are not only germ-free but also free of toxic pesticides. Your shrimps will love them! These plants are absolutely super-fresh and will immediately start to grow. Here are our three in-vitro plants of the month:

Staurogyne repens (Tissue Culture)

Staurogyne repens (Tissue Culture) BlogLink

Very suitable as a groundcover or medium bush. This plant is neither difficult nor demanding. Its... more


Pogostemon helferi (Tissue Culture)

Downoi (Tissue Culture)

Very suitable foreground plant. By virtue of its crinkled leaves, it forms a lovely contrast with... more


Eleocharis parvula (Tissue Culture)

Dwarf Hair Grass (Tissue Culture)

Small hair grass for foreground carpeting. Cut back prior to planting and separate each pot into... more

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